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Registration is open at Reverence

While we are still working on the website, the classes offered for the upcoming year, 2022-23 are available for registration. We have scheduled several new teachers and even added a Jazz class. When you go to the website for Reverence you will see a link to the registration page under Classes and Registration. Click there and you will be taken to a list of the classes we offer this coming season. Classes will start the week of August 29 and end in May 2023 after the Showcase and Performance.

So head on over to the Classes & Registration above and register today.

2022-23 Season Calendar:


29 first week of classes


Week of 21 no classes-Thanksgiving


Week of 12-17 Nutcracker crunch week

And family showcase on class days

17 Nutcracker

End of classes for 2022


Week of 9, classes resume


3-7 Spring/Easter Break

Week of 10 Resume Classes


22-26 Crunch week for Performance Class

27 Showcase and Performance

End of classes for 2022-23 Season

June, July, August

Summer Camps TBA

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