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Policies for 2022-23:


Dance and Performance classes:


When you register you are signing up for a year of classes. That is 9 months or 36 weeks of classes. Classes begin the week of August 29, 2022 with the last class the week of May 22, 2023. There will be no classes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Easter Week. **The calendar is below.


Cost is $52.00 per month ($12.50 a class) for each 1 hour Dance class students take. Starting the month of September and ending after payment the month of May. Siblings receive a 10% discount at $47.00. Pay in cash or check ($2.00 per month discount) at the studio, or credit card, ACH payments on our website. Pay per month or pay in full. Class registration my be canceled at any time at the request of the parents.


Performance classes are 1.5 hours per week and the cost is $63.00 a month. There is no sibling discount. Pay with cash or check (for a $3.00 per month discount) at the studio, or credit card, ACH payments on our website. Pay per month or pay in full. Registration may be canceled at anytime at the request of the parents. Ballets performed are the Nutcracker in the Winter and (to be announced) in the Spring. Crunch week rehearsals are the week preceding the performance at no extra charge.


Performances are held in December and May. Performance class will perform on the same day as the Showcase in May. There will be no charge for costumes for the Performances. Tickets for the performances must be purchased. Cost to be announced.


A family only Showcase will be held in December during the last class of the semester. Students will use studio costumes in December. Costumes for the Showcase in May will be purchased by the families and belong to the students. They should be paid for by cash or check at the studio. Costs may vary and Teachers will do their best to keep cost of the costume low. Tickets to the Showcase in May must be purchased. Cost to be announced.


Parent volunteers will be needed for transport of sets and marley, set up, clean up, ticket sales, program distribution, donation of water, and small desserts.


We are still in the process of looking for a venue to use for our events. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Private lessons:

1 hour slots are available. Scheduling is flexible.

Private lessons are one on one instruction between student and teacher:

60 minutes-$45.00

Call Mrs Eddy at 616-204-6925 to schedule a class.

Or email: 

Or talk to your instructor.



2022-23 Season Calendar:



29 first week of classes



Week of 21 no classes-Thanksgiving



Week of 12-17 Nutcracker crunch week

And family showcase on class days

17 Nutcracker

End of classes for 2022



Week of 9, classes resume



3-7 Spring/Easter Break

Week of 10 Resume Classes



22-26 Crunch week for Performance Class

27 Showcase and Performance

End of classes for 2022-23 Season


June, July, August 

Summer Camps TBA



Ah, rules.  You've got to love them.  As with all things provided at Reverence Dance Academy, we want to make sure that everyone of our students and their families know that a big part of enjoying a ballet class is having fun with people you enjoy being with.  It's been our experience over the past 20 years that though every family has their own version of rules to live by, there is a code of conduct which will help facilitate an effective, safe, and enjoyable dance experience if everyone adheres to them.

We wanted to take this opportunity to communicate what will be expected of every student who participates in Reverence Dance Academy.  I hope that we will communicate it in such a way that no family will feel restricted or confined, but will come to appreciate, as we have, the wonderful tradition of ballet, it's value as a classic art, and how it will help your children develop healthy and well disciplined habits for life.


Class Cancellation:  If Rockford or Northview schools are closed due to weather, Reverence Dance Academy will automatically be closed due to weather.  No email or posting is guaranteed.  We try to email if at all possible to help get the word out about the closing but it is not guaranteed and we do ask that each family be alert to closings.

Rule 1:  Payments will be made on or before the first class of each month.  Payments for half and full year in advance are allowed but subject to non refund policy as instructors may have been contracted as part of the fulfillment requirements based on student demand.  Monthly payments are preferred and there is no cancellation fee for monthly payments.

Rule 2:  Students will enter the Reverence Dance studio quietly when other classes are in session.  They will remove coats, shoes, etc. quietly and place them in the appropriate locations set forth by Reverence Dance Academy(L-Cove with coat hooks).  Students will then remain with their parents in the waiting room or may begin warming up on the designated blue and black mats quietly in order to respect the other classes still in session.  If at anytime, a student does not remain quiet, they may be asked to wait with their family in the waiting room. 

Rule 3:  We hope that parents will feel free to relax and enjoy themselves as well as carry on conversation while their children are in class.  The Reverence Dance Academy waiting room facility was designed with closed circuit video monitoring of both Studio 1 and Studio 2 so that parents may watch their children during class.  Parents are not required to wait on campus while their children are in class.  There will always be an adult supervisor or an adult instructor.

Rule 4:    GOLDEN RULE!   Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.    Respect others.

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