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Studio Dress Code


Ballet I: Black or pink leotard or dress (leotard and skirt combo), pink tights*, pink ballet shoes* and (optional pink or black skirt) 

Ballet II-IV, Advanced Ballet, Ballet/Jazz Combo Classes: Appropriate black leotard, pink tights*, pink ballet* shoes (optional skirt) 

Ballet/Tap Combo Classes: Appropriate black leotard, pink tights*, pink shoes*, black (preferred) tap shoes, and (optional skirt)

Jazz and Musical Theater Classes: Comfortable clothing (no exposed tummies), tan jazz shoes

Hip Hop: Comfortable clothing (no exposed tummies), clean tennis shoes (no street shoes please)

Performance Class: Any color (appropriate) leotard, and tights/skirt, leggings, warm-ups, etc. and pink ballet* shoes

Adult Classes: Comfortable clothing, ballet shoes (preferred), but socks are okay as well


Ballet/Tap: Black pants, black or white shirt, black ballet shoes and/or black tap shoes

Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theater: Comfortable clothes, tan jazz shoes (Jazz/Musical Theater) or clean tennis shoes (Hip Hop)

​*Dancers of color may wear either pink or skin toned tights and shoes

Forever Dance Apparel offers a 10% discount for all Reverence Dance Academy students!  Be sure to tell them you are a Reverence Dancer to take advantage of the discount. Forever does fittings after hours and Saturday by appointment only. 
4336 Plainfield Ave Ne Suite E
Grand Rapids MI 49525

(616) 799-7587

Monday - Friday                 
11:00 am To 7:00pm          

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