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Q: How do I register for a class? 

A. Go to the "Classes & Registration" tab, click on the registration link and fill out the form. If you have already registered for a class or made an account more recently than June 2023, you can access your account by clicking the here or on the "Parent Portal" on the top our website. You can use that link register or change your information at anytime. 

Q: Do you have an attendance policy?

A: Your dancer will never be penalized for missing class. However, each class builds on the one before so attendance is important for your student to learn and grow as a dancer. As we get closer to a performance, attendance is even more important as students will be learning and practicing choreography and we want them to have adequate practice and be as comfortable as possible before going on stage. Please notify your teacher if you/your dancer is going to be absent. If your dancer has a lot of absences or multiple in a row without explanation, someone from the studio may reach out to check in. 

Q: Where is Reverence located?

A: We recently moved and are now located within Family Fitness of Alpine (1040 4 Mile Rd NW, Grand Rapids MI, 29544). We are in a completely separate suite on the upper level. Enter through the main doors and walk around the fitness center's welcome desk and up the stairs. You'll see the studio's entrance doors from the top of the stairs.


Q: What are the performance opportunities at Reverence? 

A: The "Performance Class" is offered each semester and is for dancers who want to participate in ballet productions. These performances will take place on the Saturday after the last week of classes of the semester (December and May). Additionally, all students will be able to perform in the Christmas Recital in December and the all school Showcase on those same Saturdays.


Q: How do we know if class is cancelled due to weather?

A: If Rockford, Northview or Grand Rapids Public Schools are closed, classes will be cancelled.  If the afternoon becomes much more clement, we may still offer classes in the afternoon and evening.  This will be communicated via email.

Q: What if class is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances?
A: There will not be make-up classes due to weather. However, is specific circumstances where a make up is necessary, this information will be communicated via email on a situation by situation basis.

Q:  Do you warm students up before dancing in order to help decrease the risk of injury?

A: Yes. Classes will build up starting to warm ups and proper stretching technique before moving on to more strenuous dance activities. We will also be aware of when a student may be executing technique that could cause harm or injury and make corrections.

Q: Is pointe class dangerous, I heard there must be several days per week to be safe?
A: Most studios that lean toward creating professional dancers do require them to take multiple classes a week. This is to ensure their technique is strong enough for pointe. Anyone interested in taking pointe at Reverence must be co-enrolled in a ballet class as well. This is to help with strength and to ensure that their technique continues to improve in flat shoes. Pre-Pointe and Beginning Pointe classes will focus more on strengthening the muscles and technique required for pointe, as well as basic exercises at the barre. Intermediate and Advanced Pointe classes will continue to focus on strengthening muscle and proper technique, but will expand to center, across the floor and more difficult steps.

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